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Engineering Personnel Wed, 20 Mar 2019 21:13:06 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Chang Lu, Civil Engineer Chang Lu, Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer, Project Management Department


Chang Lu has been in Danaff Company since 2007 during the starting of multi-million dollar Thika Greens Golf city project. His skills on civil works have made the company to successful complete oil pipeline in Naivasha, Kenya. He has also been in charge for the construction of China road and bridge offices in Athi River for the Mombasa-Nairobi railway.

Mombasa-Nairobi standard gauge railway, whose construction has started, is set to open up at least 40 business centers but divert business from the road to the port city. Construction of the line is estimated to cost Sh340 billion ($4 billion), according to disclosures contained in a regulatory filing. Kenya is planning to build 40 stations along the line, 33 of them once the railway becomes operational.

This is the most important railway channel in Kenya, which links the coastal city of Mombasa and the capital city of Nairobi. The railway starts from the city of Mombasa, which is the largest port in East Africa, and ends in Nairobi, the political, economic and cultural centre in Kenya and a key traffic hub in East Africa.

The proposed railway line passes through eight (8) Counties: Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Taita-Taveta, Makueni, Kajiado, Machakos and Nairobi. It has a total length of 485.303km consisting of 33 yards/terminals. The study years of the project include the short-term in 2023 and the long-term in 2028.

It will pass through 31 urban centres/ towns. It has a total length of 485.303km consisting of 33 yards/terminals. The length of section subgrade will be 427.377 km; 98 large and medium bridges; 969 culverts (2 culverts per kilometer); 77 overpasses across road (highway). The rail line route generally runs parallel to the Mombasa-Nairobi Road, also commonly referred to as No. A109 Highway which is 482km, the design is for 4 and 6 Passenger Locomotives for short and long terms, respectively. It will also accommodate, 56 and 100 Freight Locomotives for short and long terms, respectively.

As per the MOU on the Construction of Mombasa-Nairobi Railway System that was signed between China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) and Ministry of Transport, Republic of Kenya (MOT), the estimated project cost is USD 4billion. The estimated total amount excludes the following expenses: Land acquisition, demolition cost and relevant expense; VAT, Duty and relevant tax; Financing, loan interest and relevant expense; and other expenses in need of Kenya government’s entrustment.

The project period is five years (2012/2013-2018). The total investment of this project includes: Fixed asset investment (civil works) and locomotive acquisition.


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Yuanguo He, Upper Hill GIS sub-station Yuanguo He, Upper Hill GIS sub-station

Mr. He has been engineer in-charge for power sub-station that Danaff Company has been awarded by Kenya Power and Lighting Company. Mr. Ho has experience in electrical engineering services where he has worked with Hudro-China one of the largest electric company in China. He joined Danaff Company since 2011 due to increase power project in Kenya. Through his skills the power installation department has grown from ordinary sub-station to installation of GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) advanced technology of generating power using gas instead of water.

A gas insulated switchgear substation (GIS) is a high voltage substation in which the major structures are contained in a sealed environment with sulfur hexafluoride gas as the insulating medium. GIS technology originated in Japan and China, where there was a substantial need to develop technology to make substations as compact as possible. The clearance required

for phase to phase and phase to ground for all equipment is much lower than that required in an air insulated substation; the total space required for a GIS is 10% of that needed for a conventional substation.

Gas insulated substations offer other advantages in addition to the reduced space requirements. Because the substation is enclosed in a building, a GIS is less sensitive to pollution, as well as salt, sand or large amounts of snow. Although the initial cost of building a GIS is higher than building an air insulated substation, the operation and maintenance costs of a GIS are less. Danaff and Hydro-China are committed to continue providing technology to several cities in Kenya.

何元国先生是达纳福公司副总经理,总负责公司水电项目。他参与管理的项目包括 Awendo 水工程等公司水电项目。

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Other Enginers:Eng.

Name: LiuTong


Current in Kitale road project

Name: LiuTong



Current in Kitale road project

Name: Moushaojiu


Jomvu sub-station

Chint Electric project sub-contracted by Danaff Company Limited

Name: Tuyuan


China road and Bridge project Athi River

Name Kubai Ephraim, +254722 616 373

Head office, Danaff Company

Current project: Mamlaka substation

Name: Royford Mutuma


Tel: +254712 638 864

Head office, Danaff Company

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